Atriark THE DISRUPTIVE ICO That will Change Your Life

A blockchain based ecosystem facilitating cryptocurrency trading, peer to peer lending, cross boarder fund transfers and professional gaming.

Private Sale closed

Soft Cap ATRK 7.8 Million Hard Cap ATRK 10 Million
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Why to choose Atriark ?

The concept is practical, unique and superior. Atriark is poised to be a big name in the cryptocurrency space.

The increased adoption and trust in cryptocurrency has created a demand for reliable trading platforms, which can convert them to fiat at will. Despite there being many, most are crippled with technological issues, and none of them have a functional ecosystem built around them that engages the user.

Atriark is what the market is waiting for. The platform will be technologically superior while offering the following added features

**Atriark Trading Exchange - The core function of ATA which allows the trading of over 20 cryptocurrencies on the platform.

**Digital Asset Exchange- Blockchain powered cross-border money transfers and currency exchange. Atriark is licensed for crypto to fiat conversation.

**Atriark Gaming Zone - A competitive gaming zone for the professional and leisure seeking gamers to participate in.

**Atriark peer to peer lending platform - Blockchain based lending platform where lenders can choose borrowers/projects of different rating classes and invest in them for a return.

**Atriark is one of the kind and is only possible because of the backing of the promoters who invest, understand and embrace the cryptocurrency market since the conception of blockchain technology.

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The key pillars that set Atriark apart from its counterparts

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Atriark Blockchain Technology

Atriark Blockchain development team creates a trusted virtual machine enabled by Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) technology, which allows confidential smart contracts and blockchain services to run securely.

Cloud Based

ATRK Trade Engine Strategy

The ATRK trade engine is designed for maximum efficiency. The technology ensures per second-order level is increased.

No transaction fees

Cyber Security System

The cyber security system is top of the class and has been based on historic case studies. The cybersecurity team monitor activities 24/7 for irregularities.

Instant operations

Secure Crypto Wallets

Atriark Blockchain development team creates some self-managed AI software's to encrypt the all wallets transactions and keys through multi secure code level.

Strong teams & Advisors

Transparent Operations

The platform is governed end to end by blockchain technology. Therefore records are publicly verifiable. The management will be ethical at all times will make all information available for users.

Protects the identity

Identity Protection

While abiding by all KYC and AML requirements, Atriark will ensure that personal information and identity each and every user is kept confidential.

Token Sale

Participate in the token generation event

  • Cost of 1 Token ATRK :

    USD 0.30 cents

  • Term of token sale:

    75 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO

  • Expanded goals after start of ICO:


  • Technical limitation of tokens:

    180,000,000 ATRK

  • Adjustable emission:

    All unsold and unallocated tokens will bе destroyed and additional release оf tokens will not be possible

  • Secured ways to purchase tokens:

    Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), fiat payments

  • Soon Listed on Exchange :

Private Sales 25th Jan 2019 - 5th Feb 2019 25% DISCOUNT
No. of tokens 10,000,000
Public Sales
No. of tokens 40,000,000
Profit Reserve
No. of tokens 10,000,000
Management reserve
No. of tokens 10,000,000
Mining reserves
No. of reserves 107,500,000

Tokens Supply

Distribution of Tokens

The Roadmap

Considering the MVP on all our products are ready , our future developments are set on pre-defined timeline which we shall intent to strictly follow

Meet our Experts

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to participate in the token sale you need to make payments in ETH or BTC. In order to do so you may create your personal Ethereum or BTC wallet. For creating your crypto-wallet, you can use recommendations from for choosing your BTC wallet and Ethereum official for choosing your ETH wallet. Then make a payment in ETH or BTC to the wallet addresses specified in your personal cabinet. Alternatively, you can process your payments via online exchanges or payment platforms for crypto-currencies.
Yes, you can. As far as we accept only ETH or BTC, you may need to buy them for any fiat currencies at crypto-exchanges. While processing the exchange or transfer operation, please, specify the receiving/destination ETH or BTC wallet address provided in your personal online cabinet. Once the transaction is completed, corresponding amount of tokens will be allocated to your personal account. Notice that exchanges and payment/transfer services may apply some additional fees - please, estimate the amount for your transfer accordingly.
The tokens will be released for operations after the Open Token Sale is completed and closed (between January 25, 2019 and March 31, 2019). After that you will receive your Atriark tokens on the Ethereum address/Waves Address you've specified in your profile. If you have not specified any wallet address in the form, you will be able to login to this wallet and specify it then.
The Atriark token is an asset with a real use.It can be mined by taking more steps. It can be used to purchase goods & services in the Atriark ecosystem. The tokens will also appreciate with the growth of the company
Our founding team consists of industry veterans and professionals hailing from technology, cryptocurrency, tech and finance. We have an accredited team of advisors and investors of board. Moreover our company is the leading cryptocurrency mining farm and clound mining service provider in the market and has a huge active user base on these operations. We are launching this ICO, for a new Cryptocurrency trading ecosystem that we have dedicated to the lucrative Asian and Middle east markets.
There are many factors, included legal, market, and technical risks. Please see the Risk Factors section of our white paper for a more in-depth analysis.
Every buyer of tokens signs a token purchase agreement where all the terms are outlined

Market Capitalization

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